Posted 3 years ago

Welcome to our blog!

Hello, and welcome to the official blog of Team Obey. This blog will be updated as much as we can. Let’s get straight to what you will be seeing  and reading from this blog.

- Team updates & team discussions

- Images from events (MLG,CodXP, PAX) Any game related that we attend, will be updated on the regular during the events.

- We will also be uploading our latest videos with some discussion regarding more in-depth talk about the video.

- Product reviews / websites we think you should check out, anything around those lines.

- Sponsor discussion / affiliates guest posts as well as letting you in on what our affiliates & sponsors as well as partners are doing or going to do.

- Talk about upcoming events.

- Guest posts from people within Obey as well as fans, friends and special guests.

With all those this blog should be going well. We really hope you will enjoy this blog, read it comment and just come back for more is our goal for you. The regular people of right now who you will be seeing post the most, is going to be whom ever from Obey pro team itself, as well as people behind the scenes of obey, as well as our sponsors and affiliates, Will have access to posting.